The University of Iowa


Equipment is defined as any item that costs $5,000 or more and  can be used for two or more years. Note that computer software costing $5,000 or more is considered equipment (Section V, Chapter 12 of the University of Iowa Operations Manual).

Each major item of equipment should be described in the budget in addition to the justification for its use. Allowable items are normally those not already available for use at the University. Freight and installation costs should be included in the estimated purchase price. Maintenance contracts should be budgeted as "Other Direct Costs."

Any item of "general purpose equipment" that would normally be found in an office must be named in the budget and/or receive prior approval from the granting agency before any funds are obligated. Such items would include refrigerators, computer attachments, refrigeration or room air conditioners even though the equipment is to be used in a lab.

Please also see the information regarding Expendable Equipment and Supplies.