The University of Iowa

Professional Service Agreements: Compensating Non-UI Consultants

A written Professional Services Agreement (PSA) must be used to secure and compensate consultants who (a) are not University of Iowa employees; and (b) will receive University payments in excess of $5,000 per project year.

PSAs constitute a type of contract used to secure unique, technical, and/or infrequent functions through an independent contractor who, by way of education, experience, and/or technical ability, is qualified to provide the required services. In most cases, these services are of a specific project nature; predominately intellectual in character; and, except in the broadest sense, within the University's continuing, ongoing responsibilities. PSAs may be established with individuals, partnerships, firms, or corporations. The University doesn't necessarily require the contractor to be licensed.

The University of Iowa policy regarding PSAs is outlined in the UI Operations Manual, Chapter 11, Section 10.