The University of Iowa

Renewal Awards and Applications: Competitive, Non-Competitive

Renewal awards and applications to continue funded projects may or may not be subject to a competitive review process through the project sponsor and/or the usual routing process through The University of Iowa.

Competitive Renewals

Competitive renewal applications, where the renewal application will receive equal consideration and compete alongside all other proposals the funding agency is considering, are always subject to the  UI Routing Policy and Procedure and must be properly routed through UI channels prior to submission to the funding agency.

Non-Competitive Renewals

Non-Competitive Renewals, where the project is expected to receive multi-year funding contingent upon an annual progress report, financial accounting, the availability of funding, and/or other sponsor stipulations, may or may not be subject to the UI Routing Policy and Procedure. This decision depends on the funding source and renewal requirements.

If in doubt, please contact the Division of Sponsored Programs at 335-2123 to determine whether a renewal application or progress report requires routing.

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