The University of Iowa


The University of Iowa issues subcontracts -- also known as subawards and/or consortium agreements -- when a substantive portion of the sponsored project work will be performed by a third party. In such cases, the Division of Sponsored Programs works with the UI Principal Investigator and his/her department to draft the subcontract. The DSP negotiates the general administrative terms of the subcontract, while the PI negotiates the scope of work and budget. The UI PI is responsible for reviewing the draft subcontract and for monitoring the subawardee performance of work, invoices, and compliance with the terms of the subcontract and prime award.

The PI must, for example, work with DSP to ensure any potential conflicts of interest on the subawardee's part are reported to the project sponsor, providing full disclosure and a management plan. The Grant Accounting Office, Purchasing Department, Accounts Payable, and Division of Sponsored Programs assist with subcontract implementation and financial reporting requirements. For additional information on choosing a subcontractor, the competitive bidding process, prior approval, and roles and responsibilities please visit the the DSP  Subawards from The University of Iowa website.