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University of Iowa Service Centers: Recharge Centers and Specialized Service Facilities

University of Iowa Service Centers are classified as Recharge Centers or Specialized Service Facilities according to their specific nature, and are defined as departmental or functional units that perform specific technical or administrative goods and services primarily to other units within the University. Centers are categorized according to the following definitions:

University-​Wide Research Centers

University-Wide Research Centers are operated and centrally supported by the University, providing services to the University, and possibly the non-university, community. Examples include printing services, fleet services, etc.

Departmental Recharge Centers

Departmental Recharge Centers normally operate within an academic division or department, to support that division or department. Examples include copy centers or stores used only by that department.

Specialized Service Facilities

Specialized Service Facilities are defined as highly complex or specialized facilities, often focusing on research or academic activities and generally bringing in annual federal revenue. SSFs do not necessarily market to the entire University.

UI Service Centers

UI Service Centers are expected to offer goods and services that are unique, convenient, or not readily available from external sources. The sale of goods and/or services must be consistent with the University's mission and the normal activities of the associated department/college. Billing rates are calculated by the Center; the rates charged to University departments and federal government customers should be set to break even, while the rates charged other external users may be higher. Service Centers are reviewed annually by the appropriate entity -- i.e., the applicable University oversight organization, the corresponding department, or, in the case of SSFs, Financial Analysis.

For complete information on establishing and administering a University Service Center, please refer to the service center policies and procedures document posted here.

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