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Faculty collaboration


The University of Iowa recognizes the value in partnering to achieve a common goal and works to foster fruitful collaborations among individuals, teams, disciplines, and institutions. Such partnerships may be formed in response to solicitations seeking multidisciplinary teams, while others are inspired by creative individuals who share a common vision. This section includes resources for identifying potential partners – faculty with interests and expertise in specific areas – and links to institutional resources to facilitate such partnerships.

Team Science

Team science is a particular type of collaborative effort that addresses a scientific challenge by leveraging the strengths and expertise of professionals trained in different fields. Coordinated teams of investigators with diverse skills and knowledge may be especially helpful for studies of complex social problems with multiple causes. Team science resources are given further down this page.

Collaboration Resources

For some of the resources given below, there will be an on-campus link and an off-campus link. UI Libraries provides access to many databases directly to UI faculty, students and staff. Off-campus links may require a HawkID to log in.

Additional Resources for Collaborators

Office of the Vice President for Research Research Development Office
UI Libraries
UI Core Facilities   
UI Directory of Centers and Institutes  
UI Carver College of Medicine Core Research Facilities  
UI Carver College of Medicine Research Centers and Institutes and Programs  

Team Science Resources

Collaboration and Team Science: A Field Guide
Supervising, Mentoring, Coaching in an Era of Team Science
Tools You Can Use: Practical Team Science Guidance for Researchers and University Leaders
Team Science Toolkit (NCI)
Thriving in an Era of Team Science

Comparison of Research Networking Tools and Research Profiling Systems 

An analysis of research networking tools and profiling systems, ranging from those developed at universities for their own use, to those that are free such as KNODE, to those subscription-based services such as Community of Science-Pivot and InfoEd GENIUS/Smarts. Click for page and scroll down to see the list.