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eRouting FAQs

We offer the followi​ng questions/answers as a general reference, in response to common issues and concerns.

If you have an eRouting question not addressed here, please e-mail the Division of Sponsored Programs.

What ​is "Shared Credit"?

Shared Credit is a new system to recognize, record, and report individual contributions to sponsored projects that depend on two or more individuals to manage the project's administrative aspects and complete the project aims. Detailed information is readily available and regularly updated on the OVPR's Shared Credit website.

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How can I view the routing paths established for PI and Co-I?

There is a triangle next to each PI and Co-I  name. Clicking on that triangle will reveal the routing path for that individual.

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May I copy a routing form from the existing, traditional system for use in the eRouting Workflow system?

No, the eRouting system has been developed on new technology, so it is not possible to copy old data into the new form. However, eRouting forms are saved as created and may be copied for future, repeated use within the eRouting system.

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The data I've entered into the eRouting form doesn't appear on the printout. Why?

You should be able to print the eRouting form without this or any other issue using the File-->Print option from the browser. If your printout doesn't display the form contents or reflects other anomalies, it's most likely an issue with your printer driver. 

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Is there a way to edit Cost Sha​ring (Section 6.6) once the eRouting form has entered the Workflow path?

There is currently no way to edit Cost Sharing once the form has entered Workflow. This is by design, because it would add significant complexity to the eRouting process. At this time, we require you to void and resubmit the eRouting form if cost sharing has been entered incorrectly.

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Who can submit (prepare, initiate) an eRouting form?

Anyone can prepare a routing form on behalf of the PI(s) and submit the form into workflow. The PI(s) will be the first approver in the routing chain.

Who must approve the eRouting form in Workflow?

The PI and the DEO and Dean for all departments involved in the project. DSP requires that a department level approver and an Org level approver be defined for each department.

Can a PI delegate authority to approve the routing form?

No, the PI (or PIs, if using a multiple-PI format) is required by Federal Regulation and Institutional policy to certify and assure information on the routing form and the proposal itself. This certification may not be delegated to another individual. See how the PI approves.

Are Co-Is required to approve the eRouting form?  

No, Co-Investigator (Co-I)  approval is not required on the eRouting form. DEO- and Dean-level approval is required for each Co-I, however.  [A new feature that will be implemented soon:  Co-I's will be notified via e-mail when an eRouting form (listing them as a Co-I) is submitted for WorkFlow review.]

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Are Departmental Research Administrators required to approve the eRouting form?

No, but they may be added to the routing chain for this form, if desired by the department.  

Can DEO and Dean level approvals be delegated? 

Yes, DEO and Dean approval may be delegated to individuals with the authority to review and approve the proposal and eRouting form.

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How will I know if my routing form arrived in DSP?  

The initiator and PI(s) will receive an auto-confirmation e-mail when the routing form has been approved by all individuals on the routing path.  The PI and department are responsible for monitoring the eRouting form through workflow and confirming delivery to DSP.

I am collaborating with a department that is not participating in the pilot; may I still use the eRouting form? 

As of August 1, 2011, all departments have access to the eRouting form.

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My eRouting form was not approved by someone on the routing path. May I resubmit the eRouting form with corrections? 

No, the same form may not be resubmitted into workflow. However, the form may be copied, corrected, and submitted into workflow for approvals.

How will I know if the​re is an eRouting form awaiting my approval?

The eRouting system automatically emails individuals when an eRouting form enters their approval inbox. However, you might not see the email for a variety of reasons -- security settings, etc. If you expect an email notice but don’t receive it, you can enter the site at to see all eRouting forms awaiting your approval. Please note that the eRouting form initiator and project PI will view the routing form in UIRIS, while all other approvers will see the form in Workflow.

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