The University of Iowa

Late Routing

The Division of Sponsored Programs receives frequent requests to waive the UI’s routing deadline -- the requirement that faculty, staff, and students finalize and route applications to reach DSP at least five (5) business days in advance of the sponsor's submission deadline. The DSP, however, does not grant waivers of the internal routing deadline. Every applicant is expected to comply with the internal deadline, ensuring each application is finalized and reaches DSP at least five business days in advance of the sponsor deadline, allowing sufficient time to review, edit, and submit the application.

The UI Routing Policy/Procedure is not only an institutional policy, but a process designed to benefit your application – allowing you to discover and address concerns that could jeopardize your application or render the UI unable to accept a resulting award. Timely routing is truly in your best interest, considering the following factors: 

  • The internal routing deadlines allows us to review your application for institutional issues and sponsor requirements, and allows you time to resolve any resulting concerns prior to submission.
  • On a typical day, DSP may be in the process of reviewing 50 or more grant applications, which, in fairness to all concerned, are reviewed in the order they’ve been finalized – i.e., in the order they are routed to our office and, if applicable, completed and released in the sponsor’s online system. Your application cannot be placed in line for review until finalized, and cannot be given priority consideration or an expedited review in advance of your colleagues who finalized sooner.
  • Due to the potential volume, concerns noted in review, technical difficulties with online systems, and other possible complications, applications failing to meet the internal routing deadline may receive an inadequate review or miss the sponsor’s deadline.

Individual departments and colleges, which must review the routing along the way, may establish their own internal deadlines as well, to keep the routing process on schedule. In the interest of a successful submission, we urge you to know and comply with all internal routing deadlines.

For more information, please refer to the following sources:

UI Routing Policy, Procedure

University Operations Manual