The University of Iowa

Intellectual Property


The University's patent policies cover inventions and discoveries made by University of Iowa employees in the course of their work at the University.  Inventions and discoveries made as part of sponsored research generally fall under these policies.  The University of Iowa acknowledges a sponsor's prior proprietary standing in determining the applicability of its policies and acknowledges that in some cases both the sponsor and the institution may make intellectual contributions to an invention or discovery.

The purpose of The University of Iowa's patent program is to facilitate dissemination of scientific research findings for the public welfare. The University believes this goal can best be assured by University ownership of inventions, coupled with appropriate licensing arrangements.


Consistent with academic tradition and the expressed desire to encourage dissemination of the results of scholarship and research, in most cases, individual creators of copyrightable works of scholarship, research, or pedagogy, as well as creators of original works of art and literature, typically will hold personal copyright ownership of those works.  Under University policy a limited body of works will be owned by the University.  The sponsored research agreement will address appropriate copyright ownership and licensing terms based on the nature of the work.


The University of Iowa Research Foundation manages The University of Iowa's intellectual property portfolio and will negotiate such rights as may be mutually agreed upon.  The University recognizes that the license rights and negotiated royalty rates must be granted upon reasonable terms and conditions giving consideration to the nature of the invention or copyrightable work and the standards of the industry.